Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1770 Sunsets................

Took this series of sunset photos on our last camping trip to 1770. It is a great place for camping, and one of the few places in Queensland where the sun sets over the water. We are planning to go back in September. Can't Wait.............
Big tide, lots of rocks and mangroves!!!


  1. I have just discovered your little hidden blog and I have to say... I truly hope that 1770 stays the little hidaway that it is. You have captured the essence of this tiny town with your lens.
    Looking forward to more photos

  2. It looks truly beautiful Nev. I wish I could be there, right now. :) Your photos are wonderful, they really capture the beauty of that lovely place!
    Ugh. Back to the grindstone.......

  3. Hello Nev, do we have anymore photos?

  4. Hey Nev, did you see my photos from my recent day trip to the Barossa Valley. I would be interested in what you think?? Which is your favourite?? Tips and Ideas on where I could improve.