Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

These photos are a bit out of order!!!!!!
The kids got lots of games to play, Monopoly and that sort of stuff!!
I got myself a new Nikon lens 50mm F1.8 - A cool fun lens!!!!

Harri and Ellie got some new clothes from Muffy and Grandad - Thanks Muffy and Grandad we love them!!

Too Cute!!

Aunty Glenda you are the best!!! Ellie and Harri could not wait to open Aunty Glenda's presents - She spoils us !!!! - Thanks Aunty Glenda - Hope your emjoying your roast!!!!

Check out my new FAIRY money box !!!!

.......and my sparkly bottom!!!!

.......well my money box has my name on it!!!!!!!.............Thanks Aunty Glenda!!!!!!!

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